The tension rises for Race 1

The race started at 4.25pm and it was still scorching hot, with track temperature rising above 40C. The race got underway and I made a good start and was chasing my team mate into the first corner.

But I had a strange electrical problem with the car, and it cut out going down Paddock for the first time. It was only a momentary blip though and then it kept going. At Druids for the first time everyone was banging bumpers with the usual concertina effect taking shape.

My team-mate under steered wide and, in avoidance of another car, snapped his steering – in the process they both got wiped out badly. Whilst this was going on, I made an aggressive lunge at Adam Bonham into Surtees which paid off brilliantly (we were fighting over top Rookie of the year).

The safety car came out following the earlier incident to bunch everybody up. I made a great restart and pulled away from Bonham in 5th, chasing team mate and title contender Aron Smith. I gave him the wave to say, ‘I’m not coming through, go for it!’, which he greatly appreciated with his bid for the title.

I made a small mistake a few laps later, sending the car towards the wall down Dingle Dell, a very scary place, but gathered it together, on the grass no less, and managed to retain position but with a hard charging Whorton-Eales on my case. My tyres had gone off by this stage and he was fastest man on track, taking fastest lap in the process, so after 2 laps he found a way through. I finished 6th overall, a great effort and looking forward to Sunday’s race!