Croft: Sunday

So I had to start today’s race from 12th position after my grid penalty from the previous day’s race. The conditions were again very tricky with the car going sideways for most of the warm up laps and even at the start and for the first few laps too.

I made a relatively bad start and went down to 14th by the first corner. I made my way back to 11th and went into the first chicane side by side with Paul Rivett the championship leader. I was on the outside and got sideways on the dirty track and lost out to most of the field. It was a very hard fought race but with a number of opportunistic manoeuvres, this time very good ones, and some others falling by the wayside I had managed to get myself up to 6th with 2 laps to go.

I was pushing Jake Packun hard and tried to go up the inside, but this didn’t work. The next lap I tried around the outside and got pushed off the track putting me back to 11th. There were 9 cars that went 3 a breast into the final hairpin and there was contact with the majority of them. A late lunge on me meant that contact between me and James Dixon broke both of our steering, meaning that I could no longer go around right hand corners.

I managed to nurse the car home to the finish line never the less, but only to an eventual 12th. The weekend had lots of highs and also lots of lows. Qualifying didn’t go to plan and left me with lots of work to do to get up the front. In both races I managed to move forwards but contact bent my steering in both too, meaning that I had to settle for 10th and 12th places respectively. A very frustrating weekend overall, let’s just pray for some better luck after the summer break at my home circuit Snetterton!