Monaco Never Fails to Entertain!

Can you believe the Monte Carlo Grand Prix? Never have I seen such an intense and entertaining Grand Prix in present years as to todays brilliant race. I think that Jenson was a victim unfortunately of the safety cars and red flag period, but never the less a superb drive. Lewis was extremely unlucky too, not so much in the race but more in qualifying than anything again down to a red flag!

I really thought that Lewis would be the one to beat at Monaco this weekend and I’m sure if he had qualified better, he would have proven that. Paul Di Resta had a rather exciting and eventful race too, nice to see he’s getting stuck in. But, Sebastian Vettel yet again had another champions drive. Great job to him and Red Bull and a brilliant 3 car tussle at the end there. A fantastic race, lets hope that this is the future of Formula 1!