Things are hotting up…

Another week of testing saw me take to the track at Brands Hatch, Donington and Silverstone. All 3 days started wet and dried up at their own pace during the day.

Brands Hatch was quite strange. The track took ages to dry and when it did, it was still slippery and slow due to the salt and grit that had been put down the week before during the cold snap! Having said that, it was very productive and we were still at pole position times, making many changes to the car. A very productive day indeed, and we have another two days there yet to go even faster!

Thursday took me to Donington park. Again starting off wet, and taking ages to dry, it wasn’t until after lunch the track was finally dry enough for full slicks! We were the fastest Clio out there during the wet times on track by a long, long way, and after lunch we continued on being quickest in the dry testing too, even against some of the championships title contenders for this year. A breakthrough was also made with the cars set up, looking extremely good for the mid April race meeting there!

Friday saw me take to Silverstone for the first ever time in the Clio. Things started well, and straight out of the box we were the quickest Clio again. Great news! We tried many set up changes, and right towards the end we went slightly the wrong way, and slowed ourselves down! Luckily, I’m going back there in 2 weeks, and we have more cards up our sleeves to try yet!

The season is really shaping up well, testing is going better than planned, and we still have 5 days testing remaining. Bring on 2012 and the Clio cup title!